SHIMANO Dura Ace Pedals

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Color Carbon
Size 4mm


The 9100 pedals are the best that Shimano has to offer. It’s a model that focuses on performance with its lightweight carbon body. It’s also a very stiff pedal in order to maximise power transfer. This new generation has also a new wider body for added comfort and stability. The plate on the pedal’s body works as a protection device against cleat rub, and also to provide rigidity.
The included cleats are not the typical yellow SH-10, but rather the blue SH-12 which differ in that they offer only 2 degrees of float. Also, the pivot point is at the front of the cleat instead of in the center. Having less float limits unnecessary lateral movements and prevents bad pedaling habits. Obviously, this is all in the name of performance. Keep in mind that Dura-Ace products are aimed at cyclists who have performance as their first criteria.
The PD-9100 are the ultimate Shimano pedals and the product for those who seek performance, whether they’re amateurs, serious riders, or professionals.

Features and Details 

  • Injection molded carbon composite body
  • Efficient power transfer
  • High stability
  • Extra-wide platform
  • Stainless steel body plate
  • Excellent pedaling efficiency
  • 2-ball bearing, 1-wide roller bushing
  • Reliable durability performance
  • Stable and uniform load distribution
  • Customizable tension setting
  • SHMANO 3-year limited warranty

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