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Daily Special #1 - Passoni Custom Bikes

We have decided to come up with 15 daily specials to cover the rest of August! Following PK's lead, they will be musically associated, with lyrics from our favurite songs that relate to the day's deal! The Song: Climax, Usher [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIHzh5w4tUc] The Line: "Going nowhere fast, we've reached a climax. Coming together now we're undone...I gave my best, it wasn't enough. You became upset, we argued too much. We made a mess, when you should be loved, so why do I care, I care, at all?!" The Deal: Passoni custom orders at 10% off until the end of 2012! Are you riding an old steed that just isn't right any longer? Bad fit, poor performance, ugly styling, archaic technology? Well, it's your lucky day, because Blacksmith is extending a special offer for 10% off our next two Passoni custom orders before the end of 2012. Passoni design, hand craft and paint some of the most outrageously gorgeous bikes on the planet. Come talk to Mike about his Nero XL Ti/Carbon blend and watch his eyes light up. Then order your own, made to measure using our Retul digital sizing equipment and hand-built just for you. These are some of the rarest bikes on the planet, and you can be sure you will not see too many Passoni special deals out there...until now. See Passoni's amazing bike build process from start to finish by clicking HERE for their amazing Vimeo video.

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