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We do things a little different because we think about the customer first. We take our time to hear what your dreams are and we help build them into reality. We do custom bikes like no one else in the world does simply because we really like bikes. Our process is unconventional in comparison and fully detail orientated to produce perfection. We have been doing this for more than ten years and we simply enjoy every build like it was our first, every detail because it matters and always remembering that new bike day is the best day of the week. 

We work with frame builders from around the world because we love to see craftsmanship and quality that is unparalleled to create the perfect bike with the right details, fit and material to serve your needs. Custom bike builds are a very special and unique process and we take every detail into consideration to create the perfect addition to your bike line up. 

Read about the process below and get started on building your custom dream bike.


  • Fill out our introduction form to start the conversation
  • Initial Consultation - Discuss your requirements in person, phone, video call or by email. We will discuss your current bike and your needs, fit or physiological challenges, budget, intended riding style, preferences, future technologies and more
  • Fitting Process - Using your existing bike to get a baseline or our Guru fit system we determine what you are looking for in terms of geometry from a fitting perspective
  • Bike Design - with our years of expertise we work to combine riding style, aesthetic preferences, ride quality, handling, technological options, etc. to create the perfect geometry for each rider 
  • Build Consultation - Choice of groupset, components and wheels. Customization and preferences for the details of the bike like bar, stem, seat post, saddle, hubs and more. 
  • Final build and fit - Both fit and build will be 50% off at check out. We tweak your final position together before adjusting your fit right down to the angle of your hoods, the way you like your saddle to sit, and how we tape your bars! 
  • Follow-Up Consultations - 6-12 weeks post purchase and after you have ridden the bike a few hundred kilometers, we welcome you to come in for a follow up to reassess riding position and comfort as well as a tune up once the bike has some wear on the cables. We offer up to two tune-ups or fit sessions to ensure you are completely satisfied with the ride quality and comfortability of your bike.