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Elevate Your Ride

Unlock the Secrets of Advanced Surface Protection

Discover our exclusive range of services designed for the ultimate care and protection of your bicycle. From frameset corrections to complete bike coatings, our bespoke packages are tailored to ensure your ride stays in pristine condition. Explore our offerings and safeguard your bicycle with Subsrät's cutting-edge technology today.

What is Surface Protection?
Surface protection is a cutting-edge treatment that applies a protective layer — a ceramic coating — to your bike's surface. This invisible shield not only defends against scratches, UV rays, and environmental contaminants but also makes cleaning your bike easier and less frequent. The result? A ride that maintains its pristine condition and performance for years to come.

The Master Behind Subsrät's Surface Protection

Meet Grant.

A visionary with over a decade of experience in the realm of surface protection. Grant's journey began in the automotive industry, where his talent and dedication led him to work with esteemed brands like Toyota, mastering the art of safeguarding vehicles against time and the elements. His passion didn't stop there; Grant delved into the world of performance vehicles, applying his expertise to luxury cars such as Porsches, where precision and care are paramount.

Grant's Philosophy:
For Grant, surface protection is more than just a job—it's a craft. He believes in using only the highest quality materials and techniques, ensuring each bicycle treated under his expertise isn't just protected; it's transformed. Grant's approach combines the precision of automotive surface protection with the specific needs of cyclists, offering a bespoke service that elevates the performance and aesthetics of every bike.

Service Packages

Complete Correction & Protection Package - $550

Building on the frameset package, this comprehensive service extends the correction and protection to all components, with added paint protection film on the crank arms. The Graphene coating is meticulously applied to wheels, hubs, calipers, crank arms, and more, ensuring your bike stands up to the elements and time. Excludes cassette, chain, chainrings, spokes, cable housings, and brake levers.


  • Comprehensive protection for the entire bicycle
  • Paint protection film on crank arms
  • Application of Graphene coating on critical components
  • Excludes specific components for focused protection
  • Up to 5 years of durability with scheduled maintenance

Frameset Correction & Protection Package - $450

This premier package focuses on the meticulous care of your frameset and seat post, beginning with a thorough disassembly and surface preparation for paint correction (if applicable). A state-of-the-art Graphene coating is then applied, ensuring up to 5 years of unparalleled durability with scheduled maintenance. Please note, the frameset must cure for a minimum of 24 hours before reassembly.


  • Dedicated to frameset and seat post protection
  • Includes light disassembly and surface preparation
  • Application of cutting-edge Graphene coating
  • Rated for up to 5 years of coating durability with proper maintenance

Bespoke Paint Protection Film - Inquire Within

For the ultimate customization & Protection, inquire about our bespoke paint protection film services. This services includes a light disassembly, surface preparation and the bespoke creation of film coverage to your entire frameset.For ultimate protection and ease of maintenance, add a ceramic coating installation.

Additional Services

  • A La Carte PPF Applications: Starting at $50 for smaller area applications.
  • Carbon Shoe Sole PPF: PPF coverage to protect carbon soles from scratches, scuffs & pedal strikes. A sacrificial layer to protecting the esthetics of expensive carbon soles. Replace as needed for maximum protection
  • Footwear Protection: Pricing TBD. Enhance the look of your cycling footwear through hydrophobic properties, chemical & UV ray resistance in a flexible coating. Suitable for Leather, Plastic and Vinyl textiles. Suede & Fabric shoe protection also available. 
  • Helmet Protection: Protect your helmets from UV ray fading and hard water marks from those rainy rides through Graphene coating, Or Protect them from scuffs and accidental drops with PPF *PPF installation subject to helmet design intricacy.