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We have so much going on these days it is hard to keep updating, so here we go rapid fire... CLUB AND TEAM REGISTRATION IS LIVE: We are extremely excited to announce that you can now register for The Blacksmith Cycle Club and Team!! For the first time, we have two levels of membership and are also offering the chance to pre-order our team kits. Group rides are expected to start in about 2 weeks time so check Twitter! CLOTHING AND ACCESSORY EXPLOSION: In the next two weeks we will be expecting Spring arrivals from...Cafe du Cycliste, Smith Helmets and Sunglasses, Kask Helmets, plus our new Louis Garneau Team Blacksmith Jersey and Blacksmith Bib, 2015 edition. Everything in limited quantities, so don't show up in June and be sad. 2015 PRODUCT EXPLOSION: New gear from Fizik, Ritchey, Challenge, ENVE, Xentis, Campagnolo, and Garmin arriving daily. #UPGRADETIME #BIKEPORN NEW BRANDS: We are secretly excited to be working with a number of new builders in the shop. We can't say who (ok, we just did) but come talk to us if you want to embark on being a bicycle pioneer with one of our new builders. Be the first in Canada on a... NEW BIKES:  Have you been to Blacksmith lately? New builds from Storck, Mosaic, Passoni and No. 22 line the floor, with magic from Argonaut, Rauler and Scapin coming soon. Drop by to discuss your next bike, because better is always worth it. NEW ADVENTURE: Ok, let's make it official...well, almost. We are planning our first ever travel adventure. Without revealing too much: Mike Garrigan. Italy. Croatia. Tarmac. Gravel. Private Villas. June. 2015. 3. Spots. Left. #BLACKSMITHTRAVEL croatia tour recon (1) Can't wait for this weather to end, and the good riding begin!!!

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