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As the 2016 model year approaches, we have some HUGE news. We are launching some killer new wheel brands, available RIGHT NOW. We'll preview 3 of them this week, and next up is... Alto Velo Alto Velo - USA The scoop? Aluminum and carbon wheels featuring amazing technology Why ride em? The tallest flange height in the industry creates massive stiffness Other details? High-end hubs designed in the USA with unique labyrinth seals Who are they? Engineers and racers join forces chasing value and performance Bottom line? Rounded wide rims, great brake surface, sick value...and the stiffness. Hubset_Clear Road Wheelsets - Pricing in USD:
  • Aluminum [Tubeless] Clinchers (Alto Velo A26) - $1150 - in stock
  • 40mm Carbon Clinchers (Alto Velo CC40) - $1900 - in stock
  • 40mm Carbon Tubulars (Alto Velo CT40) - $1800 - in stock
  • 56mm Carbon Clinchers (Alto Velo CC56) - $1920 - available for order
  • 56mm Carbon Tubulars (Alto Velo CT56) - $1820 - in stock
  • 86mm Carbon Clinchers (Alto Velo CC86) - $2000 - available for order
  • 86mm Carbon Tubulars (Alto Velo CT86) - $1900 -  in stock
  • Free shipping across North America or contact us for in-store prices
RearWheels FrontWheels We have stock of the following: A26, CC40, CT40, CT56 and CT86 [all dark grey logos]. A26_Side 40_Side 56_Side 86_Side We were lucky enough to hear more from Bobby Sweeting of Alto Velo, explaining the details of his killer lineup and technology: "One other thing you could mention to your customers - those hubs aren't just designed by us, they are also cut by us.  We have designed every part (rims included) and cut the hubs in Sarasota, FL with the tightest manufacturing tolerances in the industry - 50 millionth of a mm on every surface that touches the bearings.  That's why they feel so smooth! The rims are made in Taiwan by the same manufacturer that molds the Cannondale Evo.  I helped develop the expanded polystyrene (EPS) core during my time at Cannondale, and we use similar technology in our rims (instead of the more common bladder mold).  This give us the freedom to use a custom laminate in our rims with a ply orientation that changes depending on rim depth, so that it is specific to our spoke bracing angles.  Having a rim that is perfectly customized to match the hub means we can perfectly resist those spoke tension forces and achieve 8% less rim deflection just due to that. I didn't mean for that to be so technical, but that's our story in a nutshell!  A wheelset designed as a system to create perfect balance and minimize deflection, with the best manufacturing practices in the world.  Easy! ;)" Our first set of wheels arrived today and we can't wait to get these out on the road!! Decals available in 8 different colors, with disc-specific wheels coming after Interbike!! Contact us today to grab your set of incredible Alto Velo wheels with free shipping across North America!! #AltoVelo #BlacksmithWheels  

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