Gravel (sale) Season Is On

Gravel (sale) Season Is On

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As we slowly edge closer to the winter months, we begin our migration indoors. Dusting off the turbo trainers, unpacking our ripped bibs, putting the finishing touches on our pain-cave, so that we aren't reminded of the pending hurt that occurs in that sweat box. Is that all we can hope for this winter?


You can now discover the fantastic NEW world of gravel riding (insert orchestral music). Thats right, tucked between September and April is Shoulder-Season, the time in which where a normal road cyclist would be running for the hills in fear, the gravel rider is just getting started. 


Blacksmith Cycle have one of the best selection of All-Road, Gravel and Adventure bikes in North America, and possibly the world. From steel, aluminum, carbon, and titanium, we've got the right bike for the kind of "OFF-SEASON" riding you'll be doing. 

Starting this Fall we will be making our very best bikes available to you at a great price. We have selected 2019 and 2020 models reduced in pricing...why?... because we want everyone to be riding outside for as long as possible.

Gravel riding goes far beyond the "OFF-SEASON", with more and more gravel events popping up, the modest gravel bike could be your bike of choice for most riding situations.


Check out the framesets and complete gravel bicycles we have at the shop right now with our best pricing of the year!! FULL LIST BELOW...


Available Frames and Complete bikes

CURVE Frameset
Now 25-30% off
Size S - Kevin - Blue/yellow - MSRP $1999 Now $1499
Size 58 - Belgie Spirit Disc - Ti - MSRP $3899 Now $2729

FARA F|Gravel Frameset
Size 52 - Burnt Orange - MSRP $3000 Now $1999
Size 54 - Dark Green or Dark Blue - MSRP $3000 Now $1999

FARA F|Gravel Complete Demo Bikes
Now 35% off
Size 56 - Dark Green - SRAM Force 1x - MSRP $5500 Now $3499
Size 58 - Dark Blue - Red eTap 11-speed - MSRP $7799 now $4999

Full Dynamix (Battaglin) Steel Gravel Framesets
Now 40% off
Size 55* - Oil Slick - MSRP $2699 Now $1599
Size 56* - Oil Slick - MSRP $2699 Now $1599

LAUF True Grit SL Frameset
Now 25% off
Size S - Midnight Blue - MSRP $3799 Now $2849
Size M - Midnight Blue - MSRP $3799 Now $2849

LAUF True Grit SL Complete Bikes
Now 25-40% off
Size M - Midnight Blue - Dura Ace Di2 - MSRP $13999 Now $8399
Size L - Neon Green - "Race" Force 1x11 - MSRP $6599 Now $4949

LOOK 765 Gravel Complete Bike
Now on sale
Size XL - Matte Army Green and Orange - please inquire for test rides

Otso Warakin Stainless Frameset
Now $500 off
Size 52 - Stainless - MSRP $2299 now $1799

RodeoLabs Flaanimal 4.1 Steel Frameset
Now $500 off
Size 52 - Matte Black (no logos) - MSRP $1899 now $1399

RodeoLabs Trail Donkey 3.0 Frameset
Now $500 off
Size XL - Pine Cone (Green/Brown) - MSRP $3500 now $3000

Now $1000 off
Size L - Matte Black - MSRP $3399 Now $2379

RONDO RUUT CF2 Complete Demo Bikes
Now $1000 off
Size S - Matt Black - Rival 1x11 - MSRP $4499 Now $3499
Size M - Matt Black - Rival 1x11 - MSRP $4499 Now $3499
Size XL - Matt Black - Rival 1x11 - MSRP $4499 Now $3499

Now $500 off
Size L - Matt Black - MSRP $1699 Now $1199

RONDO RUUT ST Complete Demo Bike
Now 30% off
Size M - Matt Black - Rival 1x - MSRP $3399 Now $2379

SPOOKY Gas Mask Frameset
Now 30% off
Size 58 - Forest Green - MSRP $2799 now $1959

VAN DESSEL Sample Frameset
Now $500 off
Size 58 - Van Dessel ADD - $1350 now $850

2020 Gravel Bikes Incoming
Chapter 2 - AO available for order now
GT - Grade carbon and aluminum full lineup in now, please inquire for test rides
Orbea - Terra models available for order now

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