Barco began as a fabrication workshop, building for brands like Cinelli and Scapin. Only recently have they opened their doors to the general public, creating bespoke steel framesets across all disciplines, with unbeatable customization options. Your choice of headtube, bottom bracket, seat collar, tubeset combination, paint, geometry…all achievable at a relatively modest price point, from one of Italy’s most respected builders.

Our connection to the brand 

We formerly distributed Scapin bicycles and fell in love with their steel lineup. When Scapin was sold and sadly ended their road-focused lineup, we went searching for the workshop who had built us so many dream bikes. Fortunately some successful sleuthing had us connect with Gianluca and his family crew of artisans. After building several prototypes, we opened up orders for customers and have built dozens of Barco’s over the years, from traditional road race, to modern adventure bikes. If Italian heritage is a bonus, Barco is unmatched in terms of a rich tradition of framebuilding for Italy’s most famous bike brands.


Lead time: 9 months