Blacksmith Cycle and Blackheart Bike Co.

Blacksmith Cycle is excited to include Blackheart Bike Company into our lineup with its classy frame, touch of elegance and element of custom, we think this American Designed bike fits great in our lineup. An excellent new addition with Titanium and Aluminum allroad options allows some diversity without giving up style or handling.   

Blackheart Bike Company was founded with the vision of making bikes that perfectly marry beauty and function. They started with their allroad bike that looks like a road bike, handles like a road bike, while having the capability of a modern gravel bike. Since launch, they've grown primarily through community development and have seen the incredible impact individuals have had on their company, our sport and now we want to bring them to our community.

Blackheart Bike Company was founded by Zach Lambert, who found cycling early, racing BMX as a kid in the 80s, riding mountain bikes in the 90s, and finding road cycling when he moved to LA in 2008. After years of battling cars on the streets of LA, he took his road bike onto the fire roads of SoCal and immediately fell in love. He saw a need for a single bike that struck the perfect balance between road and gravel bikes, and was better suited for the average cycling enthusiast who didn't count every gram or measure every watt.

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