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Blacksmith Cycle and FiftyOne 

Blacksmith Cycles thrives in building dream bikes and that is what FiftyOne Bikes does best. We love that bespoke and quality of these bikes as well as the attention to detail. Our very own Brian Rabbit endorses FiftyOne and if you have seen his bikes, you know how special FiftyOne's really are. Build spots available as well as the the Assassin frames ready to be built. 

Based in Dublin, Ireland, FiftyOne Bikes is a manufacturer of hand-built custom road bikes and factory-built gravel bikes. Every bike is made to our exacting standards and designed to the especially textured understanding we have of the needs of each individual rider.

FiftyOne Bikes was founded in 2016 by former international rider Aidan Duff, in response to the disappearance from top-end race bikes of the custom options that he had always enjoyed during his career.

Aidan set out to combine bespoke building by hand with advanced carbon fibre to deliver the best of both worlds, and to finish it off with spectacularly individual paint. The gallery of completed builds now stands as testament to the concept, with their only commonality being their individuality. No two geometries or paint schemes are alike.

On entering the gravel sector in 2021, these values were applied to a factory-made bike in ways unprecedented to the bike industry. Front and rear adjustable geometry was introduced to enable the rider to find their ideal feeling and category-leading compatibility was built in for wheel, tyre, drivetrain and portage options. In short, it’s how a custom brand does factory building. At FiftyOne, the customer is an individual, not a collective. 

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