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Color Green Genie
Size 2oz


NixFrixShun is a over-the-top quality chainlube which is VERY quiet, long lasting and will work very well in all conditions.

Features and Details 

NFS is not like other lubes where most of the bottle is filled with solvents, NFS is 100% product.  Each bottle contains approximately 10,000 miles worth of bicycle chain lubrication. NFS is a no holds barred chain lube that will last for extended periods of riding and does a terrific job of lubricating the chain.

Blue Devil is made for the most extreme conditions without compromise. Designed for gravel and road riding in challenging conditions. This would be the one stop shop for rides like DK, 600k Brevet in the rain or RAAM. Blue Devil is not perceptively heavier than NFS Ultimate Chainlube you know and love. Blue Devil is made to outlast even NFS Ultimate when put head to head while keeping to the tradition of suuuuper quiet chains that run clean. Blue Devil Formula is the Ultimate gravel and road chain lube. We go where others fear to tread.

Green Genie is the world's first Biodegradable bicycle chain lube designed for hard use. Green Genie shares many adorable properties of NFS and NFS Blue Devil.  Aside from the fact that Green Genie is odorless, colorless and non-toxic it will last under all conditions. Green Genie will endure 12 hrs. of riding in the rain and goes the distance not requiring constant re-application. Green Genie is incredibly quiet, don't blame us if you hear your wornout chainrings!!!

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