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Color Black
Size 700x42c

Our Catalan Cava is a fine wine indeed. A minimalist tire for those who want the free speed of a high volume slick but need a tire that is more predictable in looser corners.  Designed to be used as a pair, or as the rear compliment to a Rosé front tire for extra cornering and braking traction.

    • 3D diamond file tread massages granular terrain for perceivably 20-30% more traction than a slick
    • Slightly higher volume than the Rosé, giving it the same effective outside diameter, leaving geometry unchanged when pairing with Rosé up front.
    • High carbon brevet compound for longer (normal) tread wear
    • Less susceptible to tread slashes than a true slick
    • Robusto sidewall protection for getting rowdy on the one-track, touring and the rambunctious, rugged chunk guzzler.
    • High TPI mystery casing underneath that Robusto, BTW
    • Robusto means you can ride CERTIFICATION free
    • Leak free sidewalls
    • Designed to be inflated/deflated to tastefully low pressures: 25-35 psi (650b); 30-40psi (700c)
    • Tubeless compatible
    • Continuous center negative dark space aeronautic deltas for pure intoxicating SPEED
    • Tires packaged and sold individually
    • 650b x 47.99mm and 700c x 42.??
    • 520g and 475g

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