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Café du Cycliste

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Café du Cycliste

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Building Dream Bikes One at a time

Blacksmith Cycle

Est. 2011

At Blacksmith Cycle we focus on sourcing, building and servicing dream bikes, working with each rider to find the best fit for their personal preferences.

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Our Expertise

Bike Fitting

Unlock your full potential on two wheels with professional bike fitting. Our bike fit is a world-class service dedicated to enhancing your comfort, efficiency, and power, ensuring you achieve optimal performance every time you ride.

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Custom Bikes

Discover the world of bespoke bikes, where every ride is a masterpiece. Crafted with precision using exclusive components from artisans across the globe, our custom bicycles offer an unparalleled thrill.

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Experience the expertise of our bike mechanics for a ride that's as smooth as it is efficient. Our professional bike mechanic services ensure your bicycle performs at its best, making every journey a breeze.

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