Litespeed 2012 range preview

BB386 Brand Info C1R ISP L1R Litespeed Litespeed Canada Road bikes Toronto

We have been special ordering Litespeeds for our customers for some time. For 2012 there are some exciting new options from the Chattanooga boys: L1R - In the works for over 5 years: Ultra-light with new BB386 standard, Tapered headset and offset drive-train for unbelievable stiffness.  One of only 3 frames in the world on what may become the new industry BB standard. Early adopters? Here you go. [caption id="attachment_1094" align="alignnone" width="576" caption="New L1R - Cervelo killer at an awesome price - $2,900"][/caption] C1 - The neo-pro's aero frameset - BB30, huge stiffness, great durability and available for mechanical or electric...

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