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DeAnima Cicli arrives in North America

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We went to NAHBS 2018 to show off our Blacksmith Cycle bikes, but also with another primary mission – to help fully launch DeAnima Cicli in the U.S. and Canada. Proudly, representing Toronto, Canada, we returned home with three prestigious Show Awards: 2nd Place in the Campagnolo Contest for the DeAnima DeFer Steel road bike Winner of the Steve Hed Humanitarian Award for Gianni Pegoretti's personal efforts, and Third place in the NAHBS Presentation Award, for overall brand recognition, display, and execution For media coverage coming out of NAHBS, please see the fantastic photos and descriptions from some of the...

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Blacksmith Cycle BOTY #1 - Paul's Pegoretti Marcelo

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Have you ever had a girl that just fits with you?  People see you together and say "that makes sense". You spoon at night and your arm doesn't fall asleep after half an hour.  Your gut fits just so into the gentle curve of her back.  Your arms entwined in lovers embrace, your breath as one.  I have no idea what that feels like with a woman.  I only imagine that that's what this bike is like if it were a woman.  Oh it's gettin sexy in here.  Prince sexy.  Elvira Mistress of the Dark sexy.  Top Gun sexy.  That's...

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