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R & R Part 1

If you were wondering where we were on Sunday... Me and the homie BT rode out to the beaches and checked out some jazz.  I realize now that I don't really understand jazz, and that I probably never will.  I also realize that that's what makes jazz so cool, is that it's not for everyone.  It's also why a lot of us like cycling...most people will never understand shaving your legs or tan lines or what either of those things mean.  They won't understand why your bike is so light and they'll ask you how fast it goes. On our way back we took a detour out to then end of the spit, or Tommy Thompson park.  I love the spit cause it's mellow and quiet and just smells better than most of Toronto.  There are so many birds and great views of the city that you forget that you're only a fifteen minute ride from home.  Check out that sky!  It's days like this that make you know it's summer. I'm currently riding a 2012 Storck Fenomalist 51.  Super Record, Bora Ultra Two's.  Lets just say that it's amazing.  And amazingly slammed.  And sexy.  Everyone should have one of these.  They are simply one of the best riding bikes on the market.  

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