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R & R Part 2

You might notice something else about my set-up, if you have a keen and critical eye...That's right, I'm wearing women's shoes.  The Fizik R3 Donna to be exact.  Why?  I find the heel cup in the men's version too spacious, and the women's version just right.  To be honest I actually like the styling of the women's shoe better as well.  I can appreciate a nice set of Jimmy Choo's when I see them.

We found this awesome piano down by sugar beach, and right now there's a ton of them all over the city.  I highly recommend taking a break to tickle the ivories if you get a chance!  BT has much more manly heels than me and fits in the men's Fizik R1 just dandy.  I suppose he's the Sonny to my Cher.

When the ride's all said and done, there's nothing better than kicking off those Jimmy Choo's and having a park sit.  There are two conveniently placed LCBO's nearby (not that we condone that type of behaviour ;)).  And lots of pretty things to look at.  Keeping your kit on for this sit will also maximize tanning time.

And when you've had enough of the park, you go home and whip up some dinner, in this case an elk and blueberry sausage courtesy of Sanagan's with roasted golden beets, balsamic flame raisin sauce with crumbled toasted hazelnuts.

So if you were wondering where we were on Sunday, there you have it.

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