Why is a fitting important?

Improve Comfort
A good fit improves your comfort in the saddle and reduces pressure on your arms, neck and back.

Boost Power and Efficiency
A good fit boosts your strength in the pedal stroke, making you faster and more efficient.

Protect from Injury
Because of cycling’s repetitive movements, improper alignment can lead to injury. A proper fit helps reduce this risk.

Our Professional Bike Fitter

Meet Brian Rabbit.

Brian, our professional fitter has over 10 years of experience and a very impressive resume.

He has helped hundreds of cyclists improve their position, as well as drafting custom bike designs with acclaimed builders from around the world. Brian has been trained in Retul and GURU fit protocols, as well as being a gebioMized certified bike fitter.

Blacksmith Cycle Bike Fit Process

  1. Typical consultation takes 1.5-2 hours and includes analysis of current geometry / position / riding style / current issues to examine
  2. If a new bike is the goal, discussion on wants, needs, desires, category preferences (tire clearance, etc.), budget, and much more
  3. Either use your current bike to see you on the bike and/or get your on the automated GURU bike fit machine where we examine geometry, body angles and make detailed adjustments as needed
  4. Discussion of new bike options (if a new bike is the goal) or new components to make the fit more comfortable like saddle or bars and stem
  5. CAD drawing is an optional (free) add-on with any new bike purchase, showing your ideal bike geometry, regardless of brand
  6. Basic quote for any new components needed, or additional work that needs to be completed (bar re-wrapping is a free add-on if bar tape is salvageable)



  • We are thrilled to be Canada's first VO-2 saddle mapping Perfect Fit System fit studio, offering riders the most sophisticated saddle fitting on the planet
  • This system includes a static 3D analysis which will suggest ideal saddle options, as well as an on-bike saddle mapping experience that is unrivaled in the industry
  • VO-2 saddle mapping is a $200 stand-alone fit option (approx. 1-hour), or a $100 add-on to the Blacksmith Bike Fit experience
  • Head to for more on the 3D saddle mapping fit details
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Service Bike Fit

Purchase your bike fit on-line and please schedule yourself using the calendar below. 

A bike fit would also make a great gift for those hard to buy for cyclist.